Employee training project

Association “Latvian Hotel and Restaurant Association” continues to implement the employee training project until 31.12.2023 with additional new training areas

The Latvian Hotel and Restaurant Association (LVRA) continues to implement the employee training project “Technological Innovation and Employee Productivity Training Project for Tourism and Related Industries” (project No under the programme Support for Employee Training.

The project runs from 1 June 2016 to 31 December 2023.

Target group – entrepreneurs.

ERDF aid intensity:

  • For large enterprises: 30-50%
  • For medium-sized enterprises: 60%
  • For small businesses: 70%

The initial total eligible cost of the project is EUR 1 571 563, of which the planned ERDF support is EUR 896 282.

The additional cost of the project’s approved supercommitments is EUR 2 471 437, of which the planned ERDF support is EUR 1 200 000. The project is planned to involve at least 35 enterprises and 1 750 persons employed in these enterprises.

The aim of the project is to provide support to entrepreneurs to improve the skills of their workforce in order to promote technological innovation and increase labour productivity.

Areas of training to be supported by the project:

  • 214 Design
  • 345 07 Telematics and logistics
  • 345 20 Project management
  • 345 24 Production engineering and management
  • 44 Physical sciences
  • 46 Mathematics and Statistics
  • 48 482 Use of computers
  • 48 483 Computer systems, databases and computer networks
  • 52 Engineering and technology
  • 54 Manufacturing and processing
  • 722 Health services
  • 811 Hotel and restaurant services
  • 85 Environmental protection
  • 22 227 Languages

Additional areas of training to be supported under the project:

  • 341 01 Electronic commerce
  • 342 01 Marketing and sales
  • 345 01 Business management
  • 345 04 Quality assurance and management
  • 345 15 Catering and hotel business
  • 345 16 Hotel management
  • 345 17 Tourism management
  • 812 Tourism and Leisure Organisation

The most in-demand training courses:

  • Productive operations management in manufacturing
  • LEAN & 6 Sigma, an effective combination
  • Establishing a process-oriented management system in manufacturing
  • Effective management of business operations
  • Efficiency improvement methods and their application to increase the competitiveness of a company
  • Developing and launching innovative products to increase the competitiveness of the manufacturing company

Hospitality, catering and related businesses are welcome to participate in the skills development activities of the project.

Information posted: 07.09.2023.

Contact details:
Artūrs Mežals
Project coordinator
[email protected]
P. +371 29456113

Applications for new training are open throughout the duration of the project.
Please apply by sending a request for information to [email protected]
When applying for training courses or expert advice, companies must complete and submit the Digital Maturity Test www.gudralatvija.lv in addition to the application form.

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