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The Latvian Hotel and Restaurant Association is an association of accommodation and catering companies working together in a professional partnership.

Latvian Hotel and Restaurant Association

The Latvian Hotel and Restaurant Association (LVRA) is an association that unites accommodation and catering companies for professional cooperation with the aim to improve the quality of customer service, to regulate the Latvian hotel market and to represent the Latvian hotel and restaurant business in the world. LVRA was founded in 1993.


  • represents the professional interests of the association’s members before public authorities and other organisations
  • participates in staff training, including the design and delivery of training systems and programmes
  • collects and analyses statistical information on hotels, guesthouses, motels and restaurant customers
  • represents the Latvian hotel and restaurant business in the world (regular participation in international tourism exhibitions and fairs)
  • makes proposals to improve legislation and standards and bring them into line with national and EU standards.

The LVRA currently has more than 300 members, including hotels, guesthouses, motels and their restaurants, as well as “independent” restaurants, educational institutions training future tourism and hospitality professionals, and several service companies.

LVRA has a cooperation agreement with the Latvian Association of Travel Agents and Operators ALTA and other professional organisations in the sector, including nightclub associations. Since October 2006 LVRA has been a member of HOTREC and the Employers’ Confederation of Latvia.

LVRA represents the hotel classification system HOTELSTARS UNION in Latvia, participates in the eco-certification for hotels “Green Key” in Zurich and since 2013 assesses catering establishments according to the “GMO-FREE” criteria.

The LVRA-founded company “SIA Viesnīcu un restoranu centrs” carries out conformity assessment of tourist hostels, awarding stars and categories, details of which can be found in the Certification section.

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    On June 29, 2016, concluded a contract No. SKV-L – 2016/21 with LIAA
    for receiving support within the framework of the event “Promotion of International Competitiveness”
    co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.