Membership benefits

LVRA members have the possibility to:

  • to receive up-to-date information regarding what is happening in the sector both in Latvia and elsewhere in the world, including information regarding changes in regulatory enactments in the sector, methodological instructions from institutions controlling the tourism/catering sector;
  • to receive from the association “Latvian Association of performers and producers” (laipa) – which represents domestic and foreign performers and producers of phonograms – a 10% discount for playing music in the undertaking;
  • insert information in the Booklet “accommodation and restaurants in Latvia”. The Booklet is distributed in Latvia in andarens in all international exhibitions and seminars where LVRA participates in person or by sending advertising materials. LVRA also sends this brochure to embassies and co-operation organisations of different countries outside Latvia;
  • TO receive free of CHARGE operational and professional support in solving various emerging problem situations, including in relation to controlling organisations;
  • to participate in international tourism and professional exhibitions in Latvia and outside thereof, working in the LVRA workplace free of charge or covering substantially lower participation fees;
  • place advertising information about the company on the Internet portal –
  • Obtain, FREE of CHARGE, legal advice relating to the activities of the undertaking (including the preparation and handling of documents, contracts and, where necessary, representation of the interests of the Member in court, etc.);
  • get full service to match projects and design permissions;
  • receive developed documentation on labour protection and fire safety, as well as personal data protection;
  • receive discounts from various suppliers of goods, such as STATOIL LATVIJA Ltd, BHRS, NESTLE PROFESSIONALS, etc. The list of partners may be supplemented by reliance on proposals from members;
  • engage in the employee training project “Tourism and related sectors technological Innovation and employee productivity training Project” (Project No., programmes Support for training of employees within the framework. The project shall be implemented by 31 December 2022. ERDF aid intensity: 30-70% of direct training costs;
  • use LVRA symbols on your Internet portal, booklets, etc.

Currently, the association has about 300 members (legal firms), including accommodation and catering businesses, educational institutions where tourism and hospitality industry specialists are educated, as well as hospitality industry service companies.

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    On June 29, 2016, concluded a contract No. SKV-L – 2016/21 with LIAA
    for receiving support within the framework of the event “Promotion of International Competitiveness”
    co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.