International Tourism and Events Management – ITEM

Joint Master’s study programme ‘International Tourism and Events Management’/ ITEM

Type of project: Erasmus Multilateral Project

Implementation period: 01.10.2012 – 31.10.2014

Total budget: EUR 396 674,00

Aim: To develop a joint interdisciplinary Master’s degree programme in International Tourism and Events Management to be implemented in the three Baltic States, combining the knowledge and expertise of five countries to support modernisation, internationalisation and innovation in higher education.

Main activities:

  • Conduct a study on employment and needs in the tourism and events management sector
  • Develop and adapt a student group counselling module
  • Develop the content and modules of the study programme
  • Plan and agree on the implementation and administration of the study programme
  • Develop a cooperation model with businesses


  • Lead Partner: Vidzemes Augstskola, Latvia
  • Klaipeda University, Lithuania
  • Estonian University of Hotel and Tourism Management, Estonia
  • Manchester Metropolitan University, United Kingdom
  • International Centre for Tourism Economics Studies, Italy
  • Latvian Hotel and Restaurant Association, Latvia (LVRA)

Study fields: Tourism, Information technologies

Further information:

Project leader ViA: Iveta Putniņa
E-mail: [email protected]
Tel: +371 26182255

ViA staff:
Iveta Druva Druvaskalne, Ilze Grīnfelde, Vineta Silkāne, Agita Līviņa

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