Basic requirements of the standard of youth hostel according to LVS 200-6:2000

General requirements for youth hostels:
- ceiling height of public and sleeping premises of the hostel at least 2.5 m, in hostels to be reconstructed – at least 2.4 m;
- heating and ventilation: in premises used by guests, the temperature during the operation of the hostel at least 18°C, premises can be ventilated;
- number of sleeping places in the hostel at least 20;
- area of sleeping space at least 4 m2 per person;
- cubic volume of sleeping space at least 5 m3 per person; at least 75 cm room height over the two-level bed;
- self-service kitchen;
- in the hostel the keeping of money, valuables and documents of guests is provided in a safety cabinet or safe-box;
- in the hostel the reception and servicing of disabled persons is provided according to requirements of LBN “Public Buildings and Constructions”. In all hostels the entrance node and at least one room, shower and toilet are adapted to the users of the wheelchair.