Brussels, 20 September 2018 – The European hospitality industry welcomes today’s announcement of
Commissioner Jourová on the commitment of Airbnb to comply with the Commission’s and the EU
consumer authorities’ demands. The measures to be implemented by Airbnb shall contribute to a fairer
tourism market in Europe benefitting especially consumers. HOTREC has been calling for a long time to
distinguish traders from peers in the so-called collaborative economy to foster fair competition.

The so-called collaborative economy has been evolving rapidly over the past years. Beyond the individuals,
who rent their properties occasionally to tourists (the start of the so-called ‘sharing economy’), more and
more tourist accommodation is rented regularly on a professional basis. Thus it is the time to allow
consumers to benefit of their established European consumer rights, by being able to distinguish traders from
peers across Europe. HOTREC fully supports the Commission’s decision for more transparency and reliable
information on the market.

“The European hospitality industry has always been advocating that activities of the so-called collaborative
economy may widen the choice of travellers, however strongly stressing that this should happen in a fair and
sustainable manner. Today’s announcement of the Commission marks a big step towards this aim” said
Ramón Estalella, Chair of HOTREC’s Collaborative Economy Task Force.

“We look forward to the implementation of Airbnb’s commitments which will soon bring more clarity and
transparency to the European tourism market, therefore ensuring a fairer market environment for both
consumers and the hotel industry” concluded Christian de Barrin, CEO of HOTREC.